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framed Shag painting
card floated on mat, stacked frame
mixed media framed with linen mat
original oil painting
original acrylic painting
needlepoint, stack frame
woodblock print
antique print with hand-drawn mat
bob dylan photograph
original watercolor
collectible frida photograph
framed california flag
original painting with double mat
swizzle sticks, stack frame
oil on board, indigo washed frame
mixed media piece
enamel on copper, leather frame
sepia photographs of venice
hand-painted pinstripe detail
monoprint, uneven mat and decoration
intaglio etching with fabric mat
vintage watercolor, pinstripe detail
limited edition julia child print
tripe stack frame, thread detail
original painting, double mat
hand stitched quilt
card floated on mat, stacked frame
watercolor, silver leaf frame
watercolor, gold fillet, stack frame
original oil painting
original oil painting, classic gold
original watercolor
original acrylic painting
original watercolor, linen mat
etchings, archival museum materials
feminist poster, double fabric mat
motawi tile
poster, red fillet and inlay frame
watercolor, 8 ply archival mat
detail on triple stack frame
original painting
etching, double archival mat
framed quilt, decorative fillet
print, bamboo fillet and stack frame
mixed media piece
detail on original watercolor
original ink drawing
original painting on canvas
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